Hire My Site focuses on getting your business to show up and be found in all of the places where your best buyers are looking for someone to do the same type of work that you offer.

I do this by grouping together a made-to-order pack of different things designed to bring you more business.

Each of these packs come with a simple website carefully planned and made to draw your best buyers straight to your door.

My team handles all of the writing, pictures, and design work; things that are not easy to do if you have not done them over and over like we have. The great thing about this is that your business gets all of the best things that come from having a top spot online, without having to learn to be Mr or Mrs Techno-Savvy!

On top of the website, I add other done-for-you features including a phone number that lets you track exactly how much more business my site bring you.

I can also put together a cool form-to-call feature. Any time a person fills out the contact form on the website, your phone rings and connects you to the number they just entered. You get to talk to them in the very moment they are considering buying! Talk about an easy pitch.

To start your 14-day trial pack, you pay a one-time setup fee, tell me the inside story about your business, and my team gets to work! After the 14-day trial, you only pay for exactly what I’m able to bring to you.

If you like what you see and want to keep adding more money and new customers to your business, we can bring you even more. What we learn from Mr’s Google and Facebook, during the trial period, arms us with the best information to continue along the advertising plan and form it around the amount you decide you are comfortable spending each month for the growth of your business.

Learn more about how it works or check out what my team has been up to lately.